Urvika Pandey

The Q1 FY18 Award goes to Urvika Pandey for exemplifying Client Service Excellence by living the four principals:

Building Long Term Relationships – Urvika has transitioned into the role of COL-1 beautifully and smoothly. She has become the face of Parle and has been successfully driving the relationship with the client, providing counsel whenever required, constantly identifying new opportunities for the client and sharing creative ideas for a more consumer focused approach in order to retain and grow the account. She is also the lead on influencer engagement programs for SATC and has been able to identify the relevant influencers and programs on the account. Through her long-term relationships with influencer managers she was also able to create an opportunity for celebrity engagement on ABC. She is always proactive when it comes to ensuring client satisfaction and resolution of issues.

Deepening Knowledge – Urvika has a thorough understanding of the sectors of each of her clients and is able to identify trends and ideas that can be leveraged for the clients. Her knowledge of the right media and influencers for each of her accounts is impeccable. She is now also focusing on building her skills in business development and digital management.

Creating Value – She has been able to identify and recommend opportunities for Parle. A good example of this was her quick identifying the GST announcement as an opportunity to position Parle as a leader in the category. She was able to guide them team and facilitate opportunities for Parle to engage with the media and lead the charge in challenging the standard tax rate within the biscuit category. She is always looking to go beyond the deliverables and bring in new thinking to the accounts.

Keeping Promises – Urvika has been diligent in ensuring every expectation of the client is met and that the team is well trained. In the last 3 months she has assumed a larger role on each of her accounts, leading team management in regards to daily execution, planning and execution of campaigns and activities and ensuring the client receives the best quality work.


Testimonial from Parle speaks volumes about the good work done by Urvika

“Urvika is extremely committed to her work and also her clients. . Her cool temperament in all situations is noteworthy”

-Dipali Desai, Brand Manager, Parle

Congratulations Urvika ?

We are super proud to have you as part our team.You are an inspiration for PRactitioners.