Arogya City: Challenge Accepted

Arogya World, a global health non-profit organization, wanted to create an initiative to make Bengaluru India’s first Arogya City – free from the burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). The challenge was to bring together the government institutional bodies, academicians, and corporate leaders to develop programs for citizens to aid them in the NCD-free journey.


We crafted a powerful campaign called #Champions20 to represent a Health Ambition Alliance between 20 change-maker organizations. Our coalition aimed to build pride and responsibility towards Bengaluru and drive this movement among participating stakeholders as a net addition to their brand equity. To achieve this, we created various sets of stark images that would shock Bengalureans and inspire them to take corrective action. We also designed impactful hoardings with messages that would resonate with the audience and built an art installation called ‘Heart of Junk’ using junk to communicate the dangers of junk food. The integration of outdoor hoardings, digital screens, art installations, media stories, and in-person events was the key to the success of this campaign.Results:
The Arogya City Summit was a resounding success with participation from the Bengaluru Health ministry, various corporates, NGOs, eminent doctors, and citizens who collectively pledged to help over half a million Bengalureans overcome NCDs. Our #Champions20 campaign was a rallying call for stakeholders to sign the pledge and play a part in helping Bengaluru become India’s first Arogya city. We generated maximum visibility and interest for the initiative by using outdoor hoardings, digital screens, art installations, media stories, and in-person events. Our ‘Heart of Junk’ installation, along with the hoardings, was on display for 45 days starting mid-November 2022 until Christmas at Nexus Mall, Whitefield, one of Bengaluru’s most visited malls. We successfully aligned the message with the target audience, inspiring them to accept the challenge of helping Bengaluru fight the menace of NCDs, making it India’s first Arogya City.